Jan 30, 2012 / 21 notes

Maybe you don’t think about purchasing flowers all that often. I generally don’t. But after having to buy them for an event for work, and stumbling across this gem of a flower shop called Coriander Girl in Parkdale, I’m rethinking the importance of flowers in my life. 

The shop was just so cute, and the arrangements she made we so pretty that I felt compelled to share photos. And if you are considering purchasing some for yourself, here are 10 reasons you should go to Corriander Girl…

1. Support small business! 

2. The owner, Alison, is adorable and lovely.

3. Alison has a bunny that hangs out in the shop with her.

4. Local products. Local!! 

5. Recycled vases (you can buy, rent, or bring your own!)

6. She can fit any budget. You give her your money, and in return she will give you that amount in flowers. 

7. Reason to make a trip to Parkdale and explore the many cool shops in the vicinity. 

8. Her style is so much more rustic and unique than all those cookie-cutter flower shops out there.

9. Because sometimes it’s just nice to by flowers for someone (that someone can be yourself.) 

10. Because I told you too… 




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